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Eduspire, a revolutionary EdTech startup, embarked on a journey to redefine the educational landscape through innovative solutions. Faced with the challenge of outdated platforms and inconsistent branding in the education sector, the need for a cohesive and user-friendly approach became apparent. With a focus on enhancing the user experience and establishing a clear brand identity, I took on the task to design a comprehensive solution. Through strategic UX improvements and a unified brand approach, the goal was to overcome existing challenges, create a seamless experience for users, and ultimately empower educators and students alike in their pursuit of knowledge.

Building delightful digital experiences.

In this project, I specialised in crafting user-centric digital experiences for Eduspire Atlas, an online learning management platform. With a focus on clarity, I used a clean layout, ample white space, and card-based design to enhance organization and navigation. Consistency is key, creating a seamless experience for educators and students. This commitment to a harmonious visual language empowers seamless engagement in the educational environment. The UX was kept in mind the average user journey. Miss Wilson opens up Eduspire Atlas, and lands straight on her dashboard, showing her homework items that are due today, any intelligence events in groups she has subscribed to, and her next lesson to teach. It even shows the corresponding lesson plan and resources for that lesson, with a button to jump straight into the class page where she can take attendance, and even perhaps look over the latest topic test grades for her class in the assessments tab.

Developing an online presence.

The Eduspire website features modern elements like the bento grid layout for flexibility and modularity. On the Atlas product page, the comparison section features coloured indicators, where a traffic light colour code signifies improvement in product capabilities. Typography creates a visual hierarchy, using a sleek, curved, and minimal font that is easy to read at many screen sizes. Interactive elements like button, text links and animated bento blocks enhance user experience and provides feedback from user interaction to improve accessibility. The design aims to create a clear and intuitive user experience, with a focus on guiding the user's attention and providing valuable information in short, easy-to-read chunks.

Crafting a brand focused on simplicity.

Eduspire's branding is a testament to its commitment to simplicity, innovation, and design excellence. Fusing a handwritten 'Edu' in vibrant green with a sleek, futuristic 'spire' in blue, the logotype embodies a harmonious blend of modernity and approachability desired in todays educational landscape. The logomark, featuring four overlapping circles with a cloud outline, adds a distinctive touch, symbolizing unity and the seamless integration of technology into education. Typography is primarily Plus Jakarta Sans, chosen for its simplicity and clarity, aligning with the brand's ethos. This cohesive branding strategy reflects Eduspire's dedication to creating a memorable and user-friendly identity in the dynamic landscape of educational technology.


"Working with Max to re-develop our website and branding has been a dream. From our first meeting, where he made sense of all of the random design & content ideas we had, to the final, thorough checks where Max ensured that every element of the website was up to scratch and ready for launch, Max was a pleasure to work with. Extremely diligent, hard working and a keen eye for detail. We would highly recommend using Max's services, you won't regret it."

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