Putting itself on the map as a key competitor and disruptor.



Forked is a completely new meal-planning app that helps flatmates enjoy the food they love together. It offers features that no other competitor in the market have to offer, like an advanced AI algorithm, or meal-plan voting. Their target audience is university students, to help reduce costs and build relationships with house mates. The only problem was that it needed a brand identity and marketing strategy to compliment and promote this. I worked closely with the Forked team to bring this idea to life and reflect their disruptive nature. Crafting a robust user experience, I ensured maximum engagement and user satisfaction. With a well-defined identity and strategic marketing message, Forked emerged as a formidable competitor, poised for enduring success in the market.

Designing a consistent and disruptive identity.

The brand deeded to relate to food, whilst remain disruptive, so the Forked brand was born. To position Forked as a true game-changer in the market, I meticulously designed a consistent and disruptive brand identity. This allowed me to leverage the clever play on words - 'F*rked,' I harnessed its resonance with the young adult demographic, instantly establishing a relatable and memorable connection. Departing from the clichéd cursive logos and mundane identities of competitors, my design was deliberately bold and eye-catching. The fusion of vibrant colours, dynamic typography, and a visually striking logo ensured that Forked stood out. This innovative identity resonated powerfully with the target audience, setting Forked apart and paving the way for impactful market differentiation.

Constructing a comprehensive marketing strategy.

In shaping Forked's triumphant market entry, I meticulously constructed a comprehensive marketing strategy. This journey began with a thorough SWOT analysis, unearthing strengths to amplify and weaknesses to help mitigate. Crafting a vivid customer persona and understanding the intricacies of their lifecycle enabled targeted engagement and retention strategies. A meticulous competitor analysis further unveiled market gaps, propelling Forked to exploit opportunities where others fell short. With a panoramic perspective of the landscape, I formulated an overarching market strategy designed for impact. The culmination of these efforts ensured Forked's resonating presence, capturing the audience's attention and loyalty, while standing as a formidable competitor in the meal-planning arena.

Reaching an out-of-home audience.

To engage an out-of-home audience effectively, I harnessed the power of Forked's distinctive name - 'F*rked.' The strategically placed asterisk in the logo not only added intrigue but also sparked curiosity. This playful twist, resembling an expletive at first glance, created an immediate connection with the target demographic. My out-of-home advertising campaign strategically targeted areas with a high student population, where this approach could ignite conversation and generate buzz. Additionally, I devised a tactical plan to seamlessly integrate the Forked brand into the students' lives. Promotional gifts at events and freshers fairs extended the brand's reach into students' homes, ensuring a lasting impression. This multifaceted approach, blending eye-catching out-of-home visuals with tangible brand presence, solidified Forked's foothold in the minds of the audience. From campus to home, Forked's innovative and memorable identity remained omnipresent, fostering lasting brand recall and resonating long after initial exposure.


"Max's work was fantastic. He created such a quirky 'F*rked' concept and spun it into a brand identity that's catchy and perfectly speaks to uni students and other young adults. His marketing strategy was like a crash course in success - SWOT analysis, customer personas, the works. Those out-of-home ads were pure genius. And those promo gifts? They will absolutely turn Forked into a household name. Max didn't just design, he crafted an experience that will put Forked on the map."

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