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Soulbound Silver


Soulbound Silver, a brand-new jewellery business based in Nottingham, faced critical challenges in establishing their brand. Lacking a website, consistent branding, and any existing marketing, they struggled to reach their target audience effectively. Their unique and enchanting pieces needed a captivating online presence to attract potential customers and stand out in a competitive market. Additionally, the absence of clear branding hindered their ability to create a memorable identity and foster customer trust. Without an established marketing strategy, they found it challenging to raise awareness and grow their customer base. Overcoming these hurdles was essential for Soulbound Silver to establish themselves as a prominent and successful jewellery brand.

Crafting an exquisite new brand.

From inception to brilliance, I skillfully crafted a whole new brand for Soulbound Silver. Immersed in their vision of enchantment and uniqueness, I meticulously designed a captivating logo, selected elegant serif fonts, and curated earthy colors to evoke a sense of allure. This cohesive identity extended across both online and offline platforms, breathing life into their social media, website, and marketing materials. With the brand's enchanting presence, Soulbound Silver emerged as a distinguished jewellery brand, capturing the hearts of customers and making space for them in such a competitive market.

Sulbound SIlver's distinct logo on packaging, and their custom business cards. Designed by Max Taylor.Soulbound Silver's earthy and alluring colour palette. Designed by Max Taylor.The logo on a paper shopping bag. Designed by Max Taylor.Soulbound Silver's circular logo variant. Designed by Max Taylor.

Building a dazzling marketing strategy.

Empowering Soulbound Silver's growth, I strategically developed their social media marketing and online presence. Leveraging platforms like Google My Business, Facebook Ads, and more, I crafted compelling campaigns to reach their target audience effectively. Through loads of captivating social media posts, I showcased the enchanting allure of their unique jewellery, boosting brand visibility and engagement. My work also consistented of hashtag and target demographic research, ensuring the perfect customer is presented with the brand at the right time. The strategic implementation of consistent branding and captivating visuals fostered trust and customer loyalty. With a well-defined online strategy, Soulbound Silver expanded its customer base, to a UK-wide audience.

A strategic social media post promoting their winter sale. Designed by Max Taylor.A custom social media post. Designed by Max Taylor.A custom social media post celebrating Best Friends' Day. Designed by Max Taylor.A screenshot of Soulbound Silver's instagram page. Designed by Max Taylor.

Defining an online presence.

Through a meticulous UX approach, I designed a new website for Soulbound Silver that effortlessly funnelled leads and clicks into sales. With a focus on simplicity, elegance, and ease of use, every element was thoughtfully crafted to enhance user experience. From intuitive navigation to captivating visuals, the website invited visitors on an enchanting journey through their unique jewellery offerings. Integrated forms and clear calls-to-action facilitated smooth interactions, converting interested visitors into loyal customers. The result was a seamless and captivating online platform that maximized conversions and established Soulbound Silver as a competitor who should me taken seriously!

A photo of the mobile version of the bespoke website. Designed by Max Taylor.A full-length screenshot of the elegant and streamlined desktop website. Designed by Max Taylor.A screenshot of an abandoned cart  email, which is a sales funnel to convert potential customers. Designed by Max Taylor.


"Max has been such a collaborative, reliable and creative partner for my brand and has been able to create my vision which I never would've been able to create on my own. From our logo, to business card, to website - time after time Max has ensured it has not only exceeded our needs but ensured they consistently met our brand values."

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