The Little Ted FOundation reaches further with a disctinct online and offline presence.

The Little Ted Foundation


The Little Ted Foundation, a non-profit supporting families with bereavement or seriously ill children, faced challenges due to their outdated website and inconsistent branding. Their previous website lacked essential features, hindering their ability to receive donations and sponsorships promptly. Additionally, their branding lacked cohesion and clarity, making it difficult to establish a strong and memorable identity. This posed obstacles in effectively conveying their mission and garnering support. With a new website and improved branding from me, they aimed to overcome these hurdles and create a seamless experience for visitors, enhancing their ability to gather donations and sponsorships, and more crucially, to provide assistance to those in need.

Refining a brand.

Working closely with The Little Ted Foundation, I collaborated to transform their brand into a cohesive physical and digital identity that aligned with their unique requirements. Through careful craftsmanship and refinement, I tailored their additional logo variants, typeface, and colour palette to convey a sense of positivity, trust, and support. I also introduced the 'blob' graphical elements in to add some fun, child-like spirit, and tie the whole identity together. The result was a compelling brand that enabled them to share their story effectively and attract more donations and sponsorships.

The Little Ted Foundation's brand colours, fonts and paragraph styles. Designed by Max Taylor.The Little Ted Foundation's email signature. Designed by Max Taylor.The Little Ted Foundation's main blob graphical element. Designed by Max Taylor.The Little Ted Foundation's print materials. Designed by Max Taylor.

Crafting an online presence.

I meticulously crafted their online presence by designing and developing a new website. Understanding their specific requirements, I incorporated integrated forms, event management, and a shop section to facilitate seamless interactions and support. As with all my web projects, it was built from scratch, ensuring a user-friendly experience that allowed them to share their inspiring story and put their best foot forward. The new website achieved a 635% increase in Google Search impressions compared to their previous website. With the aim of increasing the charity's presence online, the website provided an efficient platform for users to seek help and contribute to this truly inspiring cause.

Visit the website

A realistic mock-up of The Little Ted Foundation's website on a laptop. Designed by Max Taylor.A screenshot of the upcoming events section on the bespoke website. Designed by Max Taylor.A screenshot of the Getaway page on the custom website. Designed by Max Taylor.

Developing a social media identity.

I played a pivotal role in developing their social media presence. I created engaging social media templates and assets that maintained consistency with their brand identity. Additionally, I designed bespoke graphics for specifically requested posts, ensuring their message was visually captivating and impactful. By leveraging strategic and visually appealing content, I enhanced their online visibility and expanded their reach to a broader audience. A compelling social media strategy that effectively communicated their mission, fostering engagement and support.

A social media post for The Little Ted Foundation. Designed by Max Taylor.A social media post for The Little Ted Foundation. Designed by Max Taylor.A social media post for The Little Ted Foundation. Designed by Max Taylor.A social media post for The Little Ted Foundation. Designed by Max Taylor.


"Working with Max to re-develop our website and branding has been a dream. From our first meeting, where he made sense of all of the random design & content ideas we had, to the final, thorough checks where Max ensured that every element of the website was up to scratch and ready for launch, Max was a pleasure to work with. Extremely diligent, hard working and a keen eye for detail. We would highly recommend using Max's services, you won't regret it."

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