Transforming Tonic's fintech vision into reality to increase loyalty and retention.



Meet Tonic, the fintech trailblazer offering a remarkable 4% cashback on all consumer debit card purchases. With its user-friendly mobile app, Tonic empowers users with unprecedented control over their spending. With an expansion into business customers, Tonic needed a brand identity that would be scalable and clean. As the architect behind the Tonic brand, app UX/UI design, website, and out-of-home marketing campaigns, I converted this innovative concept into a tangible success story. The playful yet trustworthy brand identity I crafted seamlessly funnels potential customers into a loyal user base, and lays the foundation for Tonic's remarkable journey in the fintech arena.

Crafting an identity that inspires trust and growth.

At the heart of Tonic's remarkable journey is a distinctive and trust-inducing brand identity. Inspired by the concept of celebrating success and bubbles, we envisioned a playful yet trustworthy visual identity. The colour scheme, a gradient of green, exudes vitality and growth, mirroring the idea of cashback and savings blossoming. The logo design with bubbles artfully integrated into the letter 'o' convey both modernity and approachability. The irregular yet clean typeface of the logo reflects Tonic's unique offering in the financial space, and the central bubbles again symbolize the celebration of cashback and smart money management. These elements collectively form a brand image that resonates with a forward-thinking audience while ensuring clarity and trustworthiness. This distinctive identity is the cornerstone of Tonic's ability to instill trust, attract attention, and drive sustainable growth in the competitive fintech landscape.

Designing an intuitive digital experience.

My mission with Tonic was clear: create an app and website that offer an effortlessly intuitive experience. My app design embraced simplicity, ensuring that users could navigate with ease. Clear sections and straightforward icons kept the interface user-friendly. The innovative 'swiping method' allowed for seamless transitions between personal (represented by the Tonic green) and business (in bold purple) accounts. This design choice not only simplified user interactions but also reinforced Tonic's new growth plan. On the website, I crafted a user journey that was both engaging and informative. Numerous call-to-action buttons strategically placed throughout the site encouraged users to explore and engage. I provided a clear breakdown of benefits, demystified the concept of cashback, and maintained a tone of approachable professionalism. The website's copy remained free of jargon, ensuring that the message remained accessible and trustworthy. I wanted visitors to feel that they were not just exploring a financial service but embarking on an exciting journey towards financial empowerment. The whole digital experience provides users with an effortless path towards smart financial choices and substantial cashback rewards.

Reaching an out-of-home audience.

The out-of-home print ads for Tonic were strategically crafted to resonate with audiences, driving engagement and curiosity. Each variant uses a similar design language for uniformity, but strategically showcases the different unique features and benefits of Tonic's product, which is available "Only with Tonic". The first ad variant focuses on the simplicity and speed of joining Tonic and start earning cashback. This encouraged potential customers to take action and experience the benefits for themselves. The second variant leverages a catchy tagline, and emphasises the ease of using the Tonic card for contactless payments, instantly earning rewards. This design aimed to capture attention and convey the effortless nature of Tonic's cashback rewards. For the final variant, the focus was solely on cashback. With a direct focus on the 4% cashback offer, this ad variant aimed to emphasise the financial advantage of choosing Tonic. It encouraged viewers to take action by highlighting the enticing cashback opportunity. Again, "Only with Tonic" establishes Tonic as a leader in the banking cashback space and creates a sense of exclusiveness.



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